Wellness Preventative Care
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Wellness Preventative Care

  • Annual physical exams
    • These help to identify a problem early on and hopefully prevent it from becoming a major health issue
  • Vaccinations
    • Eastern, Western Encephalitis (EW) – a mosquito driven neurologic disease that can be fatal
    • Tetanus (T) – also called “lockjaw”, a potentially fatal bacterial infection
    • Rabies – usually seen in horses secondary to a wild animal bite.  High prevalence in our wildlife
    • Rhinopneumonitis – viral respiratory disease, extremely contagious horse to horse
    • Influenza – viral respiratory disease, extremely contagious horse to horse
    • Streptococcus equi (Strangles) – bacterial infection of the lymph nodes.  Very contagious horse to horse
    • West Nile Virus (WNV) – a mosquito driven neurologic disease that can be life-threatening.  High prevalence in our area.
    • “5-way” vaccine consists of the EWT, and Rhino-flu all in one injection
  • Deworming programs
    • Consultations on setting up an effective deworming program for your farm or ranch.  Programs are directed toward minimizing drug costs and still maintaining your horse’s physical health by keeping parasite loads at a minimum.
  • Coggin’s testing and Health certificates
    • The Coggin’s test is a blood test for a disease known as Equine Infectious Anemia – highly contagious blood borne disease among horses that is transmitted by flies.  Texas state law says every horse must have a negative Coggin’s test annually, even if the horse never leaves your farm or ranch.
    • Health certificates are necessary for some performance events, trail rides and always necessary for interstate travel.
  • Dental care
    • We offer Powerfloat technology ® for your horse’s dental needs
    • Wolf teeth removal
    • Deciduous cap removal
    • Routine dental care


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